Why You Should Add Me On Snapchat!


I love Snapchat. It’s not always been a simple love affair though, oh no, when I first got it my heart was still firmly tied to Instagram, but over the last few months at least I’ve become a bit addicted. I love how raw and genuine it all is, there’s no pressure to feel like you need to shove on a full face of makeup or do something amazing every 5 seconds and that all gets a big thumbs up from me. So if you’d like to know why you should add me on Snapchat (username: TheGemAgenda), here’s 5 reasons why adding me might be the thing to do…

  1. Get to know me better in vlog style videos: I love to talk ramble and Snapchat is my favourite haunt to do that on. Get to know the real me – a slightly quirky fun-loving nursery nurse by day, blogger by night. See me regularly with little or no makeup on, my hair scraped back in a ponytail and keeping it real.
  2. More Kovu: Kovu doesn’t make much of an appearance on my blog and whilst he’s a bit of a regular on my Instagram, Snapchat is really where he’s at. My 1 and a half year old silver Maine Coon kitty has a huge personality, he’s a well-trained trick-doing house cat who doesn’t mind (too much!) when I shove the camera in his face and tell him he’s a “pretty boy!“.
  3. Follow my food journey: I have a massive sweet tooth but generally eat relatively healthy and as a big foodie who’s currently trying to branch out a bit more in the food department, I’ve been sharing snippets of my meals or snacks when I’ve particularly enjoyed them or if I’ve made something from a favourite recipe book. What I’m really hoping is, however, that I’ll eventually feel the need to exercise more too!
  4. I like to share new and favourite things: If there’s an eyeshadow that makes my eyes pop, a shower gel that smells nicer than a bag of fruit sweets or I’ve got my eye on something rather amazing in a shop, you’ll know about it. Plus, I’m a big fan of doing mini hauls on good ol’ snapchat, such as a new cushion I got for our new living room chair last week – they sent the wrong one, but it turns out I love it and it goes with our living room anyway! Lucky!
  5. See more snippets of our house: If you’re a total interiors geek like me then you’ll be pleased to know that I like to talk about and show areas of my home that I wouldn’t necessarily do so on my blog. Take a peak inside our fridge, the bathroom or an unloved corner I’m trying to improve.

So if that’s enough to convince you to see what I’m up to day to day, then all that’s left to do is to add me!

My username is: TheGemAgenda