Week 2: Countryside Runs And Good Full Stop Bars

week2Apologies for the lack of posts on TBF over the last week, I decided to have a spontaneous week off blogging as I just felt like I needed it and my body has been rather unforgiving this past week (severe stomach pains and nausea which was worse than normal – thanks Coeliac Disease!). That said, I have still been documenting things on both Instagram and Snapchat (username: GemmaO_TBF) so you may have seen some life/food/exercise snippets on there. It’s 5 and a half weeks until my Endoscopy and I literally can’t wait until it’s done and dusted, then hopefully it’ll be shortly after that I get the go ahead to go completely gluten free and start improving my health and restoring my body. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have mixed feelings about discovering I have Coeliac Disease or that I’ll have to eat a gluten free diet for the rest of my life, but at the same time I really can’t wait to feel more like ‘me’ again and to feel how I should, to have more energy and not feel exhausted, to not feel sick all the time, to have no stomach pains and to just generally be happier. Hurry up October! Here’s how my food and fitness has been doing this week…

Foodie discoveries: My delivery from Good Full Stop came at the beginning of this week and I have to say I’m super impressed with their gluten free, vegetarian and vegan bars! I picked up one of every flavour and although I’m still making my way through them, I have to say that the Good Full Stop Chocolate and Mint Fruit and Nut Bar is a definite favourite, with the new Mocha and Caffeine Fruit and Nut Bar being a goodie too. My Glutafin sample box also came this week with a huge selection of products to try including breads and rolls, pizza bases, pastas, crackers and cereal. If you don’t know, the sample box is free if you’ve been diagnosed by a healthcare professional as having Coeliac Disease or an allergy/intolerance and you can sign up to receive yours here. So far I’ve only tried the pizza bases (which I wasn’t too keen on) and the fresh seeded loaf (denser than ‘normal’ bread but I liked it and especially with a thin layer of honey spread on top for breakfast) but I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts for the rest soon.

Getting active: I’ve been on a later shift at work this week and so have found it a little more difficult to make time to workout (plus as I’ve been generally feeling a bit worse than normal that hasn’t helped either!). That said, I still think I’ve done well with 2 runs down (one fairly short and one much longer) and an attempt at an at home Yoga video (I hated it and stopped 5 minutes in, whoops!). I’m still enjoying my countryside runs and love using it as an excuse to explore more too. I’m so grateful that I live on the edge of the city and so the countryside is pretty much on my doorstep, as is an abundance of green spaces. As I mentioned, the Yoga video didn’t go down too well. I guess it’s because I’m not very good at relaxing, I don’t find it easy to be still and weirdly, I found it more stressful than calming. Perhaps Yoga just isn’t going to be for me, or perhaps it’s one I’ll come back to at a later stage and feel completely differently about, we’ll see.

The foodie fitness wishlist: I’ve added a new category this week, the foodie fitness wishlist because, well… there’s always going to be something I want to try or feel like I need in my life. Currently I’m definitely lusting after near enough everything in the H&M Sportswear collection, especially these Seemless Sports Tights in Grey Marl/Black and this Medium Support Sports Bra in Black, both from the For Every Victory range. Hello affordable yet stylish workout gear! Funnily enough, my favourite pair of sports leggings are actually a pair of H&M black/grey animal print ones (you can just see the bottom of them in the photo above) that never seem to let me down whether I’m running, squatting or just relaxing (they get a big thumbs up when paired with my favourite oversized khaki jumper for lounging about the house in).

I hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday weekend as much as I am!