Week 1: Getting Moving And Gluten Free Testing!

wk1I mentioned in both this post and this post how I wanted finding out I had Coeliac Disease to change my lifestyle entirely, and how having to eat gluten until I’ve had my endoscopy is making me feel a bit helpless, so I wanted to at the very least start being more active and try a few gluten free alternatives to prepare me for the life changing gluten free diet I’ll be switching to. This week was my first week of doing this and I thought as the weeks go on I’d try and document my Coeliac, gluten free and fitness journey and share my thoughts, feelings and findings with you. So if you’re interested in knowing how I’m getting on then carry on reading below…

Foodie discoveries: I’m a little bit apprehensive about switching to gluten free, I’m not a fussy eater by any means and I’d be happy to cut out any foods containing gluten (despite being a bit of a bread/pasta fiend!) but it’s the actual alternatives to these things that’s making me nervous. Everyone’s been telling me that breads so expensive (in fact everything gluten free is more expensive!), not as nice and that really, I should be making my own. Despite other peoples comments and my thoughts that I could quite easily eat a plant based diet for the rest of my life, I’m giving gluten free alternatives a chance and surprisingly, I’ve been rather impressed with what I’ve tried so far! The Tesco Finest Free From White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies are exceedingly good (delicious even!), in fact, they’re perhaps my favourite thing I’ve tried so far and I honestly can’t tell the difference to your bog standard cookie in both texture and taste. The Gosh Mixed Seed, Quinoa, Carrot and Coriander Bakes with a Minted Pea Centre were also a hit and I can’t wait to try the other varieties in the range, as well as the Genius Plain Bagels which got a big thumbs up, especially when served with avocado, bacon and poached eggs for Sunday brunch earlier today.

Getting active: This is probably harder for me than changing the way I eat and if you looked at me you wouldn’t think I was particularly unfit. In truth I’m not, but I have zero confidence when it comes to hitting the gym. I’ve actually had a gym membership for 6 years straight and been a total of around 6 times, I know, I know! What a waste! But I was always hopeful that I’d just suck all my fears up and go more and clearly, to date, that hasn’t happened (I’m hanging my head in shame here!). This time however, I’m taking a different approach. Instead of diving head first into┬áthe gym, I’m choosing to work out outside. This week I’ve ran around our local park and also across some nearby fields. The park was still a little intimidating but perhaps that’s because I went at 4:30pm on a bright sunny day when parents and children, dog walkers and other runners were there. It was so busy! The fields were much more of a hit and I really enjoyed the whole thing – the run itself, exploring further and the whole feeling of being in big open spaces felt so peaceful and relaxing despite being a sweaty mess. Maybe soon I’ll feel confident enough to venture into a gym but for now my country run is a big hit!

Snapchat (add me: GemmaO_TBF) and Instagram have also been taken over my my food and fitness related shenanigans and so if this is something you’re interested in then make sure you’re following me over there. Let’s see what week 2 brings!

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  • I was diagnosed with coeliac disease last week so I completely get what you’re going through- it came out of the blue for me and has really thrown me off track! I don’t eat meat already which definitely makes it a bit tricker.. I’ve given your blog a follow and will definitely be following your GF journey!

    Grace / gracekate.co.uk xx