The Notts Cocktails Festival Masterclass

If you’re looking for something to perk up your week then Nottingham’s newest festival might float your boat, especially if, like me, you love a good cocktail or two. From now until Sunday 30th April a number of trendy bars in Nottingham will be participating in the festival and providing you with a variety of events, designed to showcase a range of cocktails and the spirits in them to encourage you to not necessarily drink more cocktails, but better ones…


Learning all about the Notts Cocktails Festival presented by Nick Fox and his company ‘Loves Cocktails’ at a masterclass hosted within Nottingham’s Brass Monkey recently, we were treated to a selection of cocktails in their lovely little roof terrace. Through listening to Nick speak about the festival and his background, it was easy to see both his knowledge and passion shine through and I found myself truly appreciating all the hard work he’d put into it all. It was inspiring to hear him talk about how he was inspired by London’s Cocktail Week and wanted to bring this idea further north.

As I sipped on a twist on a classic Tom Collins but with apple, thyme and Portabello Road Gin (^ directly above), I listened to Nick tell us about how he wanted these festivals to be educational too, it’s not about drinking ridiculous quantities but more about quality instead.

Four years ago he started it all in Leeds, then extended it to Manchester last year and this year to Nottingham and Liverpool which are the newbies to the cohort. Four vibrant cities, all different in their own way.

Nottingham is the first to have it’s cocktail festival this year, closely followed by Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. So if you miss out on the Nottingham one and are planning a city break sometime soon, I’ll give you three guesses when will be a great time to head to the cities mentioned above. To find out more about the Notts Cocktails Festival on this week and their sister city versions, have a read here.

Throughout the night we chatted away happily to Nick, all intrigued by the idea and how it was going to work. We slurped down Mini French Martinis, a Basil, Tequila and Pineapple Margarita and one of Nicks own concoctions of Passionfruit, Vodka and Prosecco along with lemon juice and mint, with a cherry on top.

My favourite of the bunch? Well it had to be the first one, the classic Tom Collins twist with apple, thyme and gin. Herby but sweet and delicious!

Notts Cocktail Festival by Loves Cocktails sounds like it’ll be an unmissable event, with masterclasses and parties galore and a fantastic way to try new cocktails, as well as bars that you might not have stepped into before and to just have a whole lot of fun.

Wristbands for the event for the entire week are £10 which allows you to gain access to all of the events and £5 cocktails. If you’d like to know more information about the Notts Cocktails Festival, including how to purchase wristbands or what events, parties and masterclasses will be happening then check out their website here