The La Redoute Hiba Metal Armoire

P1180591There’s a new addition in our kitchen diner and I’m so pleased with it. If you follow me on Snapchat (add me: GemmaO_TBF) then you’ll know that I spent a couple of hours yesterday putting it all together. The cat was trying to ‘help‘ me build it but if you know what cats are like then you’ll know that there was more playing and hindering on his part than anything. Regardless, it’s up and whilst we’re waiting for our Chinese takeaway to arrive I thought I’d give you a quick look inside…

P1180594I’d been searching for something to go in our kitchen diner for quick a while, we needed a place to store Kovu’s bits and bobs and I was dying for a proper place to put my cookbooks, as well as to free up more space for general kitchen items in our cupboards.

I’ve always wanted our kitchen diner to be a little bit more trendier than our living room and so I knew I wanted something a bit different. When I came across this black locker style cabinet, the Hiba Metal Armoire from La Redoute, I decided it would be perfect and added it to my basket. I love the slightly distressed style of it with it’s nod towards Industrial decor and how solid the whole unit is. It’s slightly taller than I imagined, but this gives us more storage space (bonus!) and allows it to make more of a statement in the space it’s in.

I’ve not arranged the area on the top of the cabinet exactly how I’d like it yet, but I’m sure I’ll be a bit snap happy for a while so you’ll most likely see a picture of it when I’ve got it all sorted. As for the inside, it’s pretty much going to stay this way, perhaps with a few more things added along the way. The top shelf is for alcoholic drinks and cookbooks (look at how much space I’ve got left to fill!), whilst the middle shelf houses a basket full of placemats and table runners as well as our Breville Blend Active and the last shelf is the perfect place to keep any cat related pieces – from food to fresh cat litter.


Love it or hate it? You’ve heard me rave about it but what do you think?