The H&M Haul: The Grey And Powder Pink Edition

The H&M Haul: The Grey And Powder Pink EditionIt’s not often nowadays that I pick up many pieces of clothing or accessories for myself. I just have so many items knocking around the place that it doesn’t seem feasible for me to buy any, especially when there’s nothing in my current wardrobe lineup that I’m willing to chuck out. That said, every know and again there’s an item or two that I would class as having star status, it’s an item that I feel I absolutely have to have and can’t stop thinking about. Unfortunately for me, recently I felt like this with non other than three items, thankfully all were very reasonably priced and so into the basket they went. I have to admit, there seems to be a bit of a theme with these in terms of colour, but it’a a goodie so all is good for me…

Here are the items in question, three beauties and all for less than £100!

The Structured Powder Pink Handbag: Oh hello pretty structured bag, can H&M make you in khaki, oxblood and navy blue too? This is a bag that if I could I’d have in many many colours. In fact, I’d probably have it in every colour imaginable. I love how structured and sophisticated it looks, and the pink, black and gold all ties together nicely. Plus it’s practical with two large side compartments and then another large zipped one in the middle too, and there’s a handy detachable shoulder strap for days when you’re carrying perhaps a bit more than you should.

The Mole Grey Pointed Flats: I love pointed boots (especially my black leather cowboy style ASOS ones that I’m pulling out for the first time in what feels like forever tonight, yay!). They just add a bit of something something that I feel is needed to a look. Normally I’m not usually a ballet flats girl and have a tendency to flick between trainers and boots dependant on the season and the weather, but when I saw these I couldn’t deny how lovely they were. Pointed (just like my preference in boots), real suede and a gorgeous grey shade that you could pair with any colour. Oh hello there mole grey pointed flats, let’s be friends! Needless to say, I can’t wait to pop these on and dance around in them.

The H&M Haul: The Grey And Powder Pink Edition

The Natural White, Powder Pink & Grey Block Print Scarf: Now I wasn’t really a fan of colour blocking when it was all trendy and that, but for this lovely scarf I’ll make an exception. Why? Well because the colour combination of grey, pink and off-white is rather nice, the material is so soft it’s like snuggling into a pile of cotton wool and the tassels on the ends are right up my street. Let’s face it, it’s pretty damn perfect and a great buy at only £7.99!

The H&M Haul: The Grey And Powder Pink Edition

So that’s it, three items that almost automatically ended up in my wardrobe, but do you blame me?