The Downstairs Loo

The Downstairs LooWe have, perhaps, the smallest downstairs toilet you could imagine. However, our little under the stairs cupboard loo, whilst perfectly formed and practical, had become a very convenient storage place as of late. Perhaps it’s because that’s where there would have been storage to pop your vacuum cleaner or feather duster before, or maybe it’s because it was the one (albeit teeny tiny) room in the house that I hadn’t even attempted to decorate and so I didn’t ‘love’ it yet, despite it previously being frequently used. Funny really, because with it being the smallest space it would have taken the least time to finish.

Anyway, things had to change when I desperately needed a wee one morning and Jordan was having the longest shower known to man in our main bathroom. I frantically pulled everything out of the downstairs loo, did my business and sat there thinking ‘why on earth did I render the downstairs toilet useless? Did it need to have all these things in it?‘ and I set to work browsing the internet searching for items to transform the tiny space. Fast forward to 9pm that night and I had pulled out my paintbrush and was slathering the walls in the same colour we’d used in the kitchen, hair pulled back in an ever-so-flattering pineapple bun, I thought about how it was going to look when it was finished and hoped that my items wouldn’t take too long to arrive.

So here it is in all it’s glory just a few days later…

The Downstairs Loo

I’m so happy with it overall, but truth be told I’m not the best painter and painting a small place like this wasn’t easy. Also I’m sure matt paint would look better in this space because I’m not overly happy with it when the light shines on it, however I know that overtime this ‘room’, like every other room in the house will grow and change so nowhere is ever truly ‘finished’.


^ (see above) I’m forever saving different types of alcohol bottles that I like the branding on and placing them around the house, then popping a single flower in them whenever I get a bunch of flowers or two.

The Downstairs LooThe Downstairs LooThe Downstairs LooThe Downstairs Loop9180578

Wilko Colour Silk Emulsion Paint in Dark Duck Egg, Plant Pot from a Local Garden Centre, Dunelm Salvage Tricket Tray, Dunelm Black Bicycle Ornament, Dunelm Pull Up A Seat Sign, Dunelm Wetroom Sign, Dunelm Egyptian Coordinates Mirror in Grey, B&M Mirror (on wall), B&M Toilet Brush, H&M 2-Pack Guest Towels in Dark Grey.

The Downstairs Loo

What do you think? Would you ever do an alternative paint job like this or are you a strictly straight lines only kinda person?