The Dolce Vita Tessey Boots

The Dolce Vita Tessey Boots
The Dolce Vita Tessey Boots

I’m an ankle boot girl through and through, but I can count on two hands the amount of boots I’ve bought thinking they’d be winners only to be left feeling disappointed and shoving them right to the back of my wardrobe, never to see the light of day again.

The thing is, it’s only been recently that I’ve finally figured out what I like in a boot and that’s lead me to buying these beauties, and here’s why I love ’em…

The boots in question are the Dolce Vita Tessey Boots, mine are in the ‘Anthracite’ grey shade but I’ve seen them in a brown, taupe and black too so have a good Google and I’m sure you’ll find the shade you’re after. I’ve been on the hunt for a good flat boot for a while now, ones that I could walk many miles in and not yelp or moan. Sure, I’ve got my old trusty black ASOS cowboy boots, but there was a definite need to switch things up a bit and so I found these. Different in many ways to my western wonders, albeit similar enough for me to gravitate towards them on a regular basis.

Here’s the lowdown…

  • Comfy from the get go: There’s no breaking in necessary with these so there’s no plasters needed and no planning to only wear them on short trips initially either.
  • Beautiful grey shade: I love this shade of grey, it’s neither too warm or cool and so goes with a large proportion of clothes in my wardrobe making them super versatile.
  • Buttery soft suede: It’s so soft! SO soft.
  • Subtle pointed toe: The slightly pointed toe that I’m a huge fan of helps to elongate those chunky legs of mine. Thumbs up there!
  • Oozes quality: If what I’ve said so far isn’t enough to convince you that they’re a good buy, then on top of everything else they’re also really great quality and feel both sturdy, well made and well worth their price tag!

A short and sweet post about a pair of new boots I adore and that fit the bill perfectly, it’s as simple as that.