The Chino Latino Birthday Party, Nottingham


Chino Latino, it’s a restaurant that’s always intrigued me as I looked at it from afar, and yet for some reason I’ve never been in. You’d think it’d be perfect for me with it’s Asian style food and classy decor, but I’d still not tried it. So when I was invited to their birthday party this week I jumped at the chance to see what they were all about…


Now let me tell you, Chino Latino know how to throw a party, and a tasteful one at that! We were welcomed with open arms and told to make ourselves at home in the lobby with plenty of entertainment, canapés galore and alcoholic drinks at the ready.

Before long we were treated to a fire dragon dance and as someone who really enjoys anything to do with different cultures, I found it so entertaining and both the music and dance itself was highly engaging and energetic. The dance itself introduced us the Chino Latino restaurant itself and we were invited to follow the dragon and band playing into the restaurant where we were greeted by a delicious cocktails laid out across the bar, the DJ started playing and we were able to explore, discovering both sweet and savoury food tables which looked incredible.

We spent the rest of the night of the night talking to everyone surrounding us, laughing and dancing as we enjoyed everything Chino Latino had so kindly offered us. Then we said our goodbyes, feeling so grateful for the evening we had just had and drifted off into the night.

I was so impressed with the evening that I really wanted to capture it for you and so spontaneously vlogged away and put this little snippet of the evening together below. I’m sure you will have also seen how much fun I had on both my Snapchat and Instagram Stories (add me on both on: TheGemAgenda if you’re interested in seeing clips from future events). It was such a fun-filled and enjoyable night that left me not wanting to leave and I’ll definitely be heading back to Chino Latino in the future to try out their food properly.

You can find Chino Latino at 41 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6GD. Website here.