Swatch #YourMove Skin Watch Collection

As a child I sported a purple watch with a fabric strap adorned with pink flowers, it was well loved and sadly lost unexpectedly after many years of service. That watch was a Swatch watch and until recently at a fashion event¬†where a new watch style caught my eye, I have to admit I’d not paid much attention to them as a brand in recent years. With the release of their new ‘Skin’ collection, an email landed in my inbox. An event invite to showcase their new range? And with a dance class on the side? I’m there!

After the event at Swatch’s Nottingham store where we were invited to take a look at the new ‘Skin’ watch collection, I wanted to put one of these watches to the test even further before giving you the lowdown. Taking these photos post-run may not have been my brightest idea to date (hello frizzy hair and makeup worn off my face) but I was a woman on a mission and I do love to keep things real.
Swatch #YourMove Skin Watch Collection

The Swatch Skin collection sports perhaps the thinnest watches released. Feather light, water resistant and in a range of colours, materials and styles, you can barely feel it on your wrist. Perfect for someone like me who removes their Michael Kors numbers in need of comfort half way through the day on a regular basis. The designs are inviting with sportier styles to smarter options and everything in between. There’s even something for the wackier side in all of us who simply want to make a statement. With the Skin collection focussing on the way we move and our freedom to do so, the ultra-thin designs are easy to wear and coincide with our often complex and fast-paced lives.

After seeing the new collection in person, we painstakingly chose our favourite and fitted them to our wrists. Armed with the new SkinScreen watch*, with a unique silver Milanese style bracelet, silver coloured sun-brushed dial and a grey/blue toned casing I headed over to Signature Dance Studios and jumped into action to learn a street dance routine. For me, it’s evident from the video below that a little bit too much laughing was going on, although that’s not to say I didn’t give the dancing a good go too.

When we’d perfected our moves (or at least tried to!) I thought about how the new watch felt during our dance lesson. The thing is, it was only after we’d finished that I thought about it at all and that’s a good thing. Why? Because I’d not even comprehended that I was wearing it whilst we were dancing away. It was light enough not to notice, not to feel sweaty underneath, not to care that it was there at all. I know people sometimes say that a heavy watch is a good watch, but is it? A heavy watch isn’t practical, but this is. A heavy watch doesn’t allow us to move freely, but this does.

I’ve been wearing my Swatch Skin regularly over the last couple of weeks and I can honestly say that I’m already such a big fan. The Swatch Skin range is a selection of carefully crafted minimalistic watches that allows us to do it all. It’s more than just a fashion accessory or a tool and is becoming a necessity for my everyday life and a favourite in my wardrobe.


You can find the new Swatch Skin Collection on Swatch UK’s website, here.

Swatch #YourMove Skin Watch Collection

the thrill of the unknown, the beauty of movement and the anticipation of change‘.

Images & Video From The Swatch #YourMove Event

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Video credit: Swatch UK

* This item was gifted to me but all opinions are 100% my own.