Say Hello To The Gem Agenda!

When Jordan surprised me with an Olympus Pen PL-7 camera for my birthday last month I was over the moon, I mentioned the camera once when his cousin was round for a BBQ and so wasn’t expecting it at all. I’ve mostly only used it on auto mode until yesterday when I downloaded the app and excitedly started using my phone as a remote control for the camera (cue hiding my phone behind my laptop and snapping away happily for these slightly moody shots). It’s definitely going to take me a while to get to grasps with things but having a shiny new camera that makes it possible to produce better photos (although I know, I’m not there yet!) made reevaluate my blog as a whole. I’d been thinking about a new name and a new layout for a long time and I guess the new camera was the kick up the bum I needed to do it, so here it is…

Welcome to ‘The Gem Agenda’! Same person, same content, different name. My previous name – The British Feather, was created at a time when I was travelling more, whether it be abroad or just around the UK, and life was generally much more exciting. It was before we bought our house (although we were still renting at the time) and got engaged. Life now has took a different path and whilst I still love exploring, the name The British Feather symbolised my love of travel and I feel like it was a bit misleading, perhaps not obviously so but it began to irritate me.

So ‘The Gem Agenda’ is born! I thought up this name at the beginning of the year but was forever umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether I should switch. Thankfully, I’ve taken the plunge and hopefully the new name suggests a much more broader range of content – from beauty to lifestyle posts, and home decor to fitness. Plus, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and so I’ll be documenting my journey regarding that, and you all know that I got engaged in cold snowy Austria and so we’re jetting off to Bali in the next year or so to tie the knot, so I’ll be doing more wedding related rambles too. Clearly, there’s lots of posts planned!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

As for the layout, well I wanted to create something that made it easier to follow me on a variety of platforms – from Instagram and Twitter, to Bloglovin’ and Pinterest, so now you can find the appropriate links on the homepage in the ‘follow & subscribe’ section along with random social media icons dotted around the place too. Speaking of social media, I’ve switched everything to ‘The Gem Agenda’ except Snapchat which I’ve had to create a new account for (also TheGemAgenda), as they don’t allow you to change your username (doh!). Fingers crossed it’s all easy to navigate for you and it gets a big thumbs up! Let me know if you find any errors as it’s all still a bit raw and in need of a fine tune.

Anyway, here’s to a new start!