Red Dog Saloon, Nottingham

Red Dog Saloon Nottingham
Red Dog Saloon Nottingham

A few weeks ago Red Dog Saloon opened in Nottingham and you may remember after attending their launch party, I was left feeling rather impressed. Red Dog Saloon offers a more authentic take on American BBQ food, and if you’re left doubting whether there’s really a place for it in Nottingham alongside the likes of Rub and Reds, you’d be mistaken. The thing is, it’s a good’un and I thought I’d take you along with me when I went to try it out…

We popped in on a Saturday evening, after a lazy day lounging around at home. Our stomachs were gurgling at the thought of food and we were both excited to try what was on offer. Jordan was going away for the majority of the week with work and after having a little taster at their launch night the week before, I knew Red Dog would allow us to have a laidback meal out with their low lit mood lighting, dark Texan style decor and American style food that appeals to both the guys and the girls.

After being greated and seated, we spent a while browsing through all of the food and drink items. I’d had a quick peek online at the menu the day before, and as it turns out Jordan had done exactly the same, already having his eye on a specific meal that he was desperate to try.

Red Dog Saloon Nottingham

Red Dog Saloon Nottingham

For me although the food sounded right up my street, it was the drinks that stood out initially with both the cocktails and alcoholic milkshakes beckoning to me to give them a try. In the end I left it to one of the waitresses, who recommended the Blackberry Bramble, a combination of Beefeater gin, Crème de mûre, lemon & fresh blackberries. Whilst Jordan picked a Jack Daniels and milkshake combination called Vanilla Jack.

Both drinks got the thumbs up from me, with the Blackberry Bramble being a refreshing sweet cocktail with a slight sour twist which I can imagine being especially lovely in the summer months. The Vanilla Jack on the other hand, took me straight back to my childhood. One big gulp and it felt comforting, familiar and gifted me memories of homemade milkshakes and milky hot toddy’s (but obviously cold). It’s a creamy almost caramel-like whisky filled milk drink that’s incredibly more-ish and not at all sickly. Order it on your next trip to RDS, you’ll thank me later.

We chatted away, sipping on our drinks and before long our food arrived…

Red Dog Saloon Nottingham
Red Dog Saloon Nottingham
Red Dog Saloon Nottingham

Red Dog Saloon Nottingham
Red Dog Saloon Nottingham

Mac & Cheese, Texas Chilli Cheese Fries, the Carnivore Platter and Mozzarella Sticks. The more the merrier.

Under no circumstances were we not going to try as much as we could, it all seemed to appeal to us and we’d certainly left room for it in our stomachs after not eating a great deal all day.

We happily spooned a selection of everything onto our own plates, nodding at each other in agreement as we went along tasting everything.

We both agreed that the St Louis Ribs (that we’d both previously loved at the launch night) and brisket from the Carnivore Platter were the best of the bunch and really rather good, both of which were so tasty and tender. Whilst the Mac & Cheese was a favourite of mine and the best I’d tried in a while, with the cheese tasting slightly stronger and flavoursome than your typical run of the mill batch. Jordan gave a big thumbs up to the Texas Chilli Cheese Fries and particularly commented on how good the beef in it was. As for the Mozzarella Sticks, again I’d say they were better than others I’ve tried and as with the Mac & Cheese, I found the cheese inside it to be better in flavour than your average mild mozzarella.

We Ordered:

  • Blackberry Bramble Cocktail
  • Vanilla Jack Milkshake
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Texas Chilli Cheese Fries
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Carnivore Platter
  • Oreo & White Chocolate Mud Pie
  • Ice Cream Sundae


After our mains and despite our bellies full to bursting point, we couldn’t leave without having a pudding, and I’d highly suggest you don’t either.

I went for the Oreo & White Chocolate Mud Pie which was recommended to me on more than one occasion and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Neither did Jordans Ice Cream Sundae, of which he chose the flavours Very Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Brown Butter & Peacan. Rich and decadent and hits the sweet tooth in all the right places.

Red Dog Saloon Nottingham
Red Dog Saloon Nottingham

We left armed with a box full of leftovers ready for our lunch the next day and feeling stuffed the the brim but we were in agreement on our thoughts of Red Dog Saloon.

RDS is a cut above the rest and a welcome edition to the Nottingham food scene. Great food and drink, a nice atmosphere and staff are friendly, polite and attentive. Skip Rub and Red’s if you want authentic high quality BBQ food, Red Dog Saloon is the place to be.

You can find Red Dog Saloon just a short walk away from Market Square at 20 – 22 Victoria Street, Nottingham, NG1 2EX. Website here.

Post written in collaboration with Red Dog Saloon.