Primal Snack Box: Why It Gets A Thumbs Up From Me!


A food subscription box gets the foodie in me very very excited, especially when it comes from a company with great ethics. Paleo based, meaning it’s gluten free, dairy free, free from grains, soy and refined sugars, and full of a selection of healthier alternative snacks. When I ordered a one-off box early last month and it arrived on my doorstep, the excitement hit and so I had to share…

With February’s meat-free (and so suitable for vegans and vegetarians) Forest box firmly in my hands, I couldn’t wait to rummage through, dig in and so, in super quick style, here’s the lowdown and why I love it…
  • I can eat everything: Sounds silly, but as a Coeliac eating gluten free can make snacking a little difficult so being able to dig into anything and everything in this box. Plus, not having to check ingredients since the hard work has already been done for me makes it more enjoyable.
  • You can discover more food and drink brands and even new favourites: With the majority of my box featuring brands that I can’t find in my local supermarket, it’s a great way to be exposed to products which are new to you and you might not even heard of before. For example, I’ve discovered that I absolutely adore the Beyond Organic Acai Bar, The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffee Dark Chocolate Bar and the Ape Lightly Salted Crispy Coconut Curls, with a few other little items in there getting some love too.
  • Healthier snacks: Sometimes it can be tempting to grab a chocolate bar from your local corner shop or vending machine, and whilst that’s convenient, it’s not necessarily the best way to go about snacking. The snacks in the Primal Snack Box are generally better for you, with the chocolate being of the dark higher percentage variety and crisps being made out of veggies, so there’s less rubbish in them and therefore less rubbish in your body.
  • The branding/packaging: I’m a visual girl and a sucker for good packaging. I love how the snacks in the Primal Snack Box are neatly placed into a cardboard box with a good logo and geometric detailing at the sides. It’s right up my street.
  • Buy a one-off box or subscribe: I love to try products and it’s great to have the option to do that without making the commitment to subscribe. There’s also limited edition boxes that you can purchase too!

So that’s it, 5 reasons why Primal Snack Box gets a big thumbs up from me! Have you tried Primal Snack Box or any other food boxes from different companies that you love?

You can find Primal Snack Box on their website here.

* I’m not working in collaboration with Primal Snack Box, I just liked the brand/box and wanted to share my thoughts.