Pale Paisley Print

Pale Paisley Print

My Thoughts On Paisley Print And Why I’m Loving It In A Lighter Shade…


Paisley for me has always been dark, a pattern I’d associate with the Autumn and Winter months. But does it have to be? And is this the same thought process for you?

Recently a fair few lighter options have caught my eye and I’ve been loving them. This includes a white and pale blue floaty midi dress (the first midi dress to enter my wardrobe that isn’t figure-hugging in fact) and an off the shoulder cream number with darker print from Boohoo, featured here.

Not quite warm enough on this occasion to wear as intended as a dress (and far too windy for it too!), I’d pulled it up and placed a belt around my waist, slipped on a pair of jeans, some ballet shoes and a structured black bag, as well as pairing it with a selection of jewellery. It all worked but I won’t lie, I’m desperate for a beautiful day where I can whip out my legs and throw this dress on with a pair of knee high gladiator sandals.

I have to admit though, I’ve always been a paisley print fan. There’s just something about this Middle Eastern pattern that intrigues me, luring me in. It’s the same for me with other Middle Eastern and Asian prints too. If it’s paisley print or other ethnic designs then you can guarantee I’ll be a fan.

Paisley in a lighter hue is just an excuse for me to sport it all year round and in a paler fabric it’s perfect for the Summer months. It just seems fresher, more feminine almost. The colour variations appear to be a little more vast too, with a light base and a mixture of colour options for the print itself. From delicate cream or light pink paisley tones or embroidery to something like I’m wearing here with 4 or 5 colours dominating the pale base it sits on.

I can’t wait to show you how I’d use a light paisley dress like this to transition into the colder months too. I have images in my head of this Boohoo off the shoulder dress being worn with knitted tights, ankle boots and a cosy long cardigan – but lets save that for another post come Autumn time.

Paisley print can be as subtle or as vibrant as you’re willing to wear and I’ve included some of my favourite pale paisley print picks below if you fancy a nosy.

Pale Paisley Print
Pale Paisley Print  

Pale Paisley Print

What I’m Wearing:

Boohoo Annabel Off The Shoulder Paisley Dress

New Look Black Plaited Belt

Zara Skinny Selvedge Ripped Jeans

Zara Grey Pointed Ballet Shoes

Zara Tote Bag With Metal Handles

Unknown The Classic Grey Dial And Rose Gold Watch

Topshop Ring

ASOS Bobble Chocker Necklace