Nottingham Street Food Club

Let’s rewind back a few weeks and talk about an exciting new Nottingham foodie venture. Food is almost certainly the way to my heart so when I uncovered plans for an indoor street food area inside the intu Victoria Centre, I was a little more than intrigued and I’d been stalking their Instagram account for updates ever since. Thankfully, months later an invite to their VIP launch dropped into my inbox and I eagerly hopped along for a nosy around and to fill my tummy inside Nottingham’s Street Food Club…

There’s something about fresh local produce that I just adore. We buy our eggs from Jordan’s work colleague whose husband’s a farmer and we’d rather pop along to our favourite butchers than pick up a steak or two in Tesco. This for me, offers a similar situation in a street food format. Fresh food prepared directly in front of you from great local food companies, and there’s something about it that I just find so refreshing.

Tucked away in a cool industrial style space, with four main kiosks and a bar in the centre surrounded by seating, the idea is to showcase a whole range of independent traders which switch around during the year allowing you to get a taste of what each are about. With former Masterchef Pete Hewitt’s Asian style ‘Homeboys‘ being permanent residents to the food club, as well as current residents vegan and vegetarian company ‘Numinums‘, Suede’s ‘Death By Pizza‘ stand and ‘Chef Jugz‘ selling a selection of tacos, there seemed to be a good mix.

I love the whole concept of the Nottingham Street Food Club, and although relatively small I feel it’s definitely worth popping in for a visit every now and again to see the current mix of food stalls. It offers a very social and casual way to dine, allowing everyone to pick a different place to eat from depending on their food tastes or dietary needs (even as someone who eats gluten free I could eat from a couple of the stands) and all sit together regardless.

Compared to street food canteens in different cities around the UK such as Leeds, it’s like the big cities little brother but it’s certainly a good start to what I hope could be a thriving little mecca nestled neatly inside Nottingham’s favourite shopping centre.

Nottingham Street Food Club is located at R12, Upper mall, Clocktower dining intu Victoria Centre and is 12pm – 11pm every Friday – Sunday. See more information online here.