Night Time Skin: My Secrets And Why Having A Regime Is Important

I’ve found recently that my skin is beginning to change, I’ve no longer got the slightly oily plump complexion that’s biggest worry was the odd spot or two that popped up out of the blue, and usually when a big night out was planned. Instead, now that I’m just past the mid-twenties mark I’m noticing that my skins drier, there’s a few lines appearing and it’s generally more unforgiving. Gone are those nights when I’d climb into bed exhausted with nothing more than a quick face wash using a flannel and warm water. Granted that wasn’t an everyday occurrence but my skin didn’t know the difference. Now however, just forgetting one step in my night time routine is enough to drive it off the rails. That’s why night time skincare is so important…

Did you know that sleeping with your makeup on can stop skin from repairing itself at night whilst you sleep and can even cause premature ageing?

That’s why it’s so important to remove it all, let your skin breathe and help to prevent an uneven skin tone or texture as well as spots. For me this always includes a double cleanse which usually consists of an oil cleanser followed by a cream one. I find that oil cleansers are perfect for removing makeup, especially stubborn waterproof mascara (a daytime godsend for me due to my watery eyes). Coconut Oil is a favourite of mine, it’s a foolproof solution for makeup removal never failing to remove every last trace. It naturally has antibacterial properties as well as being rather hydrating too and is now sold in all supermarkets in the food section due to it also being a healthy alternative to other cooking oils. My next step is usually a touch more luxurious, with a cream cleanser being on par with a facial oil or serum in terms of products I prize the most. Perhaps it’s because I feel like cleansing isn’t just about removing makeup, dirt or grime from your skin, but it’s also about maintaining your skins balance and I think that this step really helps to do that. The Aurelia Miracle Cleanser (post here) is high up on my most loved list, with it’s soothing scent and thick texture, it leaves my skin feeling delicately clean, smooth, hydrated and plump – check, check, check, check!

Your skin absorbs everything, so even a skincare product that you wash off is as equally as important as the ones you leave on.

Cleansing done, it’s time to hydrate the eye area. Gently does it when it comes to this delicate area and don’t go thinking you can skip this step or use your heavy daily moisturiser on it either, you’ll regret it later. For this I like to use a slightly more hydrating eye cream than my day time one which usually consists of the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I find this lovely eye cream packs a punch in the moisture department and makes a huge difference to the look and feel of my under eye area. Then for an intense boost to my skin I make sure I pop on another Aurelia product, the Aurelia Revitalise and Glow Serum (post here). I love using this product both during the day and at night to leave my face feeling plumped up with a wonderful glow, it simply is a beautiful product.

Last but not least, I truly believe in picking quality over quantity when it comes to skincare, it’s worth paying a bit more if the products work better with their sophisticated ingredients list and therefore last longer too as you tend to use less. The Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost (post here) is just that, a decadent cream with a luxury price tag to match, but one that is so worth it! I have no qualms in stating that this is my favourite beauty product… ever! An impressive mix of ingredients, scent and texture, the Bedtime Beauty Boost is, in my opinion, the epitome of luxury and leaves my skin feeling incomparable to anything else I’ve tried. Think deeply hydrated, firmer, smoother and ultimately healthier. It’s one of those products, that, if for any reason having it as an everyday night cream is off the cards, it’s a complete ‘must have‘ for special occasions – think wedding day, honeymoon, 30th birthday. If you’ve yet to try it give it a go, in fact, give it a sniff and that alone is enough to get you hooked!

Water, drink lots of it. Before bed, by the bed, during the night and as soon as you wake up.

I can’t stress enough how important water is for your skin, and not just in regards to your night time routine, in general. Your body is made up of mostly water and unfortunately all too many of us let ourselves get too dehydrated. If you don’t think about anything else, think about your skin and how much it’ll benefit from having that big glass of water by your bed at night (and many of them throughout the day too!).  Thankfully, this is something I’ve always done but I know when I’m staying elsewhere for a night or two and forget, my skin always suffers.

What does your night time skincare regime look like? Do you have any secrets you can share too?

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