Moving Onto The Bathroom: Another Makeover?


With our downstairs loo now done and the living room practically finished I’ve been turning my attention to other rooms in the house, namely the bathroom. The thing is, I made a mistake with this room. I rushed into getting this big bright striped blind with green, grey and blue in and I really wish I hadn’t because although we already have green in the accent tiles, adding the blue into the mix especially, was a big mistake. I ended up created a slightly sea themed bathroom, nothing too cringy but whilst I liked it at first, it’s quickly done a 180 and it’s definitely a room I’m proud of. So it’s safe to say our bathroom is not the kind of bathroom I wanted, and so I’ve started planning a makeover…

Now there’s nothing wrong with our bathroom in terms of it’s base, it’s not my ‘dream’ bathroom but it (like the rest of the inside of our 1930’s house) was brand new when we bought it just under 2 years ago and I do like it. In short it’s neutral in colour with white tiles surrounding the ‘P’ shaped bath (as well as above the sink) and a double strip of smaller sage green accent tiles mid way down the wall. There’s marble effect floor tiles, a rather large window making it rather bright and airy and a sink with a (rather basic) storage unit underneath, as well as a standard toilet etc… You get the jist.

Think slightly Asian and geometric art deco patterns, different textures and green plants…

My vision for this room is a mix of black, white and green with wood accents. Think slightly Asian and geometric art deco patterns, different textures and green plants (we’ll see how this one goes with the cat). I’m hoping the place will feel more relaxing and zen, rather than washed up and boring like it is now. I may be blowing my own trumpet here but I’m generally quite good at visualising things and how I imagine this looking has left me feeling rather excited.

It started with these two items, the Linea Black Chevron Bath Mat and Living by Christiane Lemieux Veneer Front Frame which I found whilst browsing the House of Fraser sale and instantly adored and snapped up both. I do love a good chevron pattern, although some homeware items can easily look cheap if not done right and so I have to admit I’m going to be rather fussy with what and where I get items from. I do love Dunelm’s Global Fusion bathroom range however, as although it’s definitely affordable, the style of their bathroom accessories are beautiful and I’m especially a fan of their soap dispensers, both in the sandblasted chevron style and the chic tile effect style. Perhaps a mix of both would be ideal?

Towel wise, aside from the ones from the Dunelm Global Fusion range, H&M Home does some lovely patterned ones and I especially like these Mint Green Zigzag ones to carry on with the green theme and add a bit of texture. I also have a few other H&M towels with various designs that will most likely be featuring heavily in our bathroom soon.

…I’ve been looking into alternative storage solutions.

Our bathroom doesn’t have a great deal of storage. As I mentioned above there’s a unit under the sink but once filled with cleaning products and such there’s not a whole lot of extra space for anything else, so I’ve been looking into alternative storage solutions. This simple West Elm Mid Century Acorn 3 Drawer Side Table looks ideal with plenty of space to store my favourite beauty products and I love the wood shade too. I’ve also got my eyes on this funky White Seagrass Storage Basket from Oliver Bonas to store extra toilet rolls in.

Plants, plants plants! I’m hoping there’s going to be a fair few. Although I’m also betting that Kovu, our cat, will try his hardest to eat or destroy them all so in case this happens I’ve been on the hunt for some faux plants and Cox and Cox seem to have a great range. This Concrete Potted Faux Fern is top of the list. I’ve always loved ferns and concrete is one of my favourite materials too, so this faux fern is definitely a must!

Now if you’ll forgive me, I’ve got some more swooning over bathroom decor on Pinterest to do. I’ll update you soon!

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