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Introducing Griddle & Shake’s New Dessert Menu

Introducing Griddle & Shake's New Dessert Menu

I ramble on and on about how much I love my food, I’m just a massive food lover and it completely hit me when I found out I had to go gluten free over 6 months ago now. What would I eat? How on earth would I eat out? Thankfully the gluten free scene is expanding and companies are getting a lot more clued up. Griddle and Shake is one of those companies, and now they have a brand new dessert menu too. So when I was asked if I wanted to come and give it a go I jumped at the chance to try out their sweet treats…

Introducing Griddle & Shake's New Dessert Menu
Introducing Griddle & Shake's New Dessert Menu

Back in February I had my first ever taste of Griddle & Shake and I mentioned in my blog post that their gluten free bun is ‘…the tastiest GF bun I’ve tried to date and in the gluten free world that’s a big achievement, trust me‘. Needless to say I was rather impressed, not only with my gluten free bun but with the food in general and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I have to mention that I still stand by my previous statement regarding the gluten free bun though, and I’ve still not managed to find one even half as good when eating out.

Walking into Griddle & Shake, I really hoped that their new dessert menu would live up to my previous experiences with their main one, and I had my fingers and toes crossed that my friend (who was experiencing G&S for the first time) loved it as much as I did. To make it even more of a challenge for them, we filled our tummies with burgers, sweet potato fries and amazing milkshakes beforehand (the salted caramel flavour is like no other! I highly recommend it) and I nodded in approval as I thought about how they’d been as delicious as I’d remembered.

Introducing Griddle & Shake's New Dessert Menu

Time for pudding and as aways I had eyes bigger than my belly. Ordering the Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie with 2 scoops of Toffee Fudge Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce whilst also wishing the waffles were gluten free too (they’re the only thing on the dessert menu that isn’t), whilst my friend Natasha ordered a modest 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce drizzled on top in a Waffle Cone.

Made with rice flour instead of normal flour, the Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie really surprised me. I’d not had a blondie in 6 months and at times gluten free food can taste a bit ‘off‘ with it often being pumped full of many extra ingredients to make it taste the same as your standard versions. I was told that this wasn’t the case at Griddle & Shake, each item on their menu goes through vigorous testing which can take many months in order for them to find the product they want to create and sell, but with the blondie it was just a case of switching over the flour. It tasted delicious and the white chocolate flavour really shone through. I loved it paired with the Toffee Fudge Ice Cream which wasn’t too sickly and the Raspberry Sauce which added a touch of sweetness too.

Natasha really enjoyed her simple but classic dessert choice and commented on how lovely it tasted, getting a big thumbs up for her first time at Griddle & Shake.

Introducing Griddle & Shake's New Dessert Menu
Introducing Griddle & Shake's New Dessert Menu

One of the things I really like about Griddle & Shake is the option to create your own. In other restaurants we’re so used to seeing bog standard options on the menu with little or no opportunities to switch around items depending on our tastes or dietary requirements. I love that not only can you mix and match with your main courses, but now with the introduction of the G&S dessert menu you can even do it with that too following the same fun mantra! Whether you have have a dietary requirement like me or not, Griddle & Shake is worth wandering into and trying out your own combinations.

I won’t lie, I’ve already decided what I’d like my next pudding combination to be, Salted Caramel & Peanut Fudge Brownie with Pistachio Ice Cream and we’ll leave off the sauce. What would you have?

You can find Griddle & Shake at 9 Fletchergate, Nottingham, NG1 1QQ. Website here.

Post written in collaboration with Griddle & Shake. All opinions are 100% my own.

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