Griddle & Shake, Nottingham

Possibly one of the funkiest places I’ve eaten at in a while, Griddle & Shake in Nottingham’s Lace Market boasts a huge floor space, trendy farmyard meets industrial style decor and focus on good quality fast food… and boy do they get it right!

If you can’t tell from their name, Griddle & Shake are all about burgers and milkshakes. With red tractor approved meat to ensure a good standard across the board, eco-friendly biodegradable packaging, British ingredients and build-it-yourself burgers, they’re a great addition to the fast food scene.

An inclusive menu…

When I was asked if I wanted to come along and try Griddle & Shake, I loved the sound of their ethos and was even more surprised when I had a peek at their menu. Almost everything is gluten free and dairy free, making it a perfect easy choice for those of us with dietary requirements. There’s even a tempeh burger for vegans and vegetarians and plenty of toppings to choose from!

We ordered:

I had: chicken burger, griddled onions, avocado and smoked bacon on a gluten free bun, with sweet potato fries, bbq wings and a Nutella (dairy) shake.

* I have Coeliac Disease and eat gluten free.

Jordan had: beef burger, salsa, griddled mushrooms, smoked bacon and American cheese on a classic seeded bun, with skin on fries, salt wings and a salted caramel (dairy) milkshake.

When we visited we sat happily in our cow barn style booth, browsing the menu and getting excited about being able to build your own burger. The option to pick and choose from a range of toppings and get your burger completely right really appeals to me, as I’m sure it also will with a lot of you.

We made our way to the counter where we ordered our meal from a few chirpy members of staff and were even asked if we wanted to mix any flavours of milkshake together (we chose not to in the end, but would definitely try this on our next visit! I’m thinking banana and salted caramel would be a goodie!). After a bit of pointing here and there at the selection of toppings to add to our burgers, we made our way back to our table and were greeted around 5 minutes later with our food and shakes.

The first thing I noticed was the quirky wrapping that our trays were lined with and our burgers were wrapped in, covered with cows happily slurping down their shakes, I thought this was a lovely touch and decided that I needed to do the same.

My Nutella milkshake was instantly a hit, with me letting out an involuntary “mmmmm!” as soon as I’d had my very first (but rather large) sip. It really was delicious and tasted like ice cold liquid Nutella (as you’d expect it to), but not too sweet or sickly at all. Jordan’s salted caramel milkshake was equally as yummy, but Jordan did mention that by the end of his large shake he could have done with getting the medium size as it’s a little sweeter than the Nutella version.


The best gluten free bun!

As for the burgers, I have to mention that Griddle & Shake have successfully fed my dough craving that I’d had for months and no other gluten free offering had managed to get rid of. Their gluten free bun is perhaps the tastiest GF bun I’ve tried to date and in the gluten free world that’s a big achievement, trust me.

My chicken, bacon, onion and avocado filling combination tasted fresh, flavoursome and comforting all at the same time and was a great choice to pair with my GF bun as well as being a slightly healthier option to go with my rather indulgent (but definitely worth the naughtiness) Nutella milkshake. The BBQ wings were good and cooked well, with a slightly tangy tasty sauce and although sweet potato fries always go down a treat with me, I enjoyed how crisp the G&S’s ones were as there’s nothing worse than  soggy chips.

Jordan’s beef burger on a classic seeded bun topped with salsa, mushrooms, bacon and American cheese went down a treat and he emphasised that it was really tasty, along with his skin on fries, but then went on to tell me just how much (A LOT!) he enjoyed the crispy salt wings which he’d dissected neatly and eaten before I’d barely even started my meal.

Meals finished, stomachs full and moods lifted, we waved our goodbyes and headed home.

With great ethics, an inclusive menu with the best gluten free bun in town, trendy decor and generally just great fast food, Griddle & Shake get a big thumbs up from me and I can assure you we’ll definitely be heading back!

You can find Griddle & Shake at 9 Fletchergate, Nottingham, NG1 1QQ. Website here.
Post written in collaboration with Griddle & Shake. All opinions are 100% my own.