Decorating The Living Room: Where We’re At

Decorating The Living Room: Where We're At

The Living Room is fast becoming one of my favourite rooms in the house. It feels so welcoming and calming and it’s a really lovely place to relax in after a long day at work. Everyone that comes into our home seems to love it’s nature-inspired look but there’s one thing that people never mention… it’s not finished. Perhaps no one ever notices it when they pop round for a quick cuppa and a chat, but for me it’s fairly obvious, especially when I point to the slight water stain in the corner of the wall and section of missing skirting board, both from when we had an unexpected leak last year. So aside from that obvious one, there’s a few more things I’d like to do to the room and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share them with you…

I’m thinking about a moody mid-toned taupe or grey colour. 

Aside from the occasional feature wall here and there, our house is magnolia. Not because I chose to have it that way, but because the house was renovated before we moved in and that was the colour that it ended up. Our living room follows this trend and all the walls are magnolia except the chimney breast which we decorated in Superfresco Easy Nottingham Wallpaper a good while ago. In all honesty, we could easily just touch up the paint work and the magnolia would look absolutely fine, but it’s a bit bland and boring and I’d like to add a bit more life to the room. So I’ve been looking at paint colours from the likes of Farrow and Ball, Valspar and the Little Greene Paint Company this weekend, with the intention to pick up a shade or two next weekend and then as I have next week off work, get cracking with the painting then. I’m thinking about a moody mid-toned taupe or grey colour.

Decorating The Living Room: Where We're At

Then there’s our wall lights to put up that I bought a while ago in the Marks and Spencer sale, they’re the Erin wall lights (sold out, but I’ve linked it up in case you wanted to see what they looked like). We’ve also got some black wires on show either side of the fire place that I either want to hide or switch to white ones so they’re not as obvious. Other than that it’s just the skirting board that needs replacing and repainting.

…I got rid of our sideboard and have an armchair and side table combo in it’s place so I’m rather happy with that.

Furniture-wise, I recently bought the Argos Hygena Luna Coffee Table (currently less than half price!) and I got rid of our sideboard and have an armchair and side table combo in it’s place so I’m rather happy with that. But there could be some improvements made in regards to the finishing touches. I absolutely love the look of this Home Rules Wooden Wall Art by Maisons Du Monde which is full of the little things you should do in life written in a lovely font. It’s all very rustic looking and right up my street. I’d also love a few small art prints scattered around it and then a wooden leaning ladder with cosy throws hung over it.

It’s going to be a lovely cosy neutral room (largely featuring creams, taupes and greys with a few hints of black in the fireplace and furniture) with candles dotted around the place, lots of texture, cushions and interest on the walls.

I can imagine it all in my head but it’s rather hard to convey, so I guess I’ll have to check back in with you guys in a week or so to reveal it all. Wish me luck with my first (ever!) time painting a whole room.