Brussels, Belgium – A Photo Diary

Waaaaaay back in October last year we whisked ourselves off to Brussels for a few days. The thing I was most excited about was unashamedly the food (Belgian chocolates and Belgian waffles, yes please!), but I was also keen to explore Brussels for the first time. We did so much walking and sightseeing in what I didn’t realise would be such a beautiful and vibrant city, as well as shopping and filling our stomachs at some lovely restaurants (I wholeheartedly recommend Fanny Thai for a fantastic Thai meal) and cafes. We stayed at The Dominican in the heart of Brussels, again another place I’d recommend. Beautiful decor, location and lovely staff. We had a wonderful few days in Brussels and I’d both definitely go back and recommend a trip if you fancy a change of scenery.

Psssst… that’s a panoramic of Grand Place at night ^. Beautiful but it doesn’t do it justice at all, it’s stunning!

Have you been to Brussels?