Bean Burst Coffee Scrub: The Grapefruit Blend

P1170576I’m not someone with naturally clear skin, I can’t drink alcohol, eat chocolate and accidentally leave my makeup on whilst I sleep and still end up with good skin, it just doesn’t happen. In fact, my skin is something I have a constant battle with and possibly the part of myself that causes me the most stress (which ironically then causes it to become worse). I have good days and bad days and it’s certainly not perfect. So when I discover a product that maybe, just maybe, could help me out with my skin issues I jump at the chance to give it a try. Bean Burst Coffee Scrub is one of those products and The Grapefruit Blend in particular is what I’ve been putting to the test…

When I first heard about Bean Burst Coffee Scrub’s I was intrigued. “A coffee scrub? A scrub made out of coffee? That’s different!” I thought, but I was curious as to what exactly it was and how it worked. I loved the fact that it was a natural product made with only coffee, pink himalayan salt and a mixture of essentials oils, and that there were three different varieties that did slightly different things. The Sweet Orange Blend, Peppermint Blend and The Grapefruit Blend. The Bean Burst Coffee Scrub in The Grapefruit Blend is the one I’ve been giving a go and quite frankly I’ve been loving it!

Firstly I have to say that it smells absolutely incredible and a part of me wants to smother it all over my body, whilst another part of me would rather eat it or have it turned into a candle so the scent could waft through my home for hours. The scent really is rather beautiful!

The Grapefruit Blend from Bean Burst is supposedly ideal for clearing, balancing and awakening your skin and I have to say it does just that. It’s been a godsend for my troublesome skin over the past few weeks and as the lovely people at Bean Burst advised me to leave it on my skin as a mask to help me wave goodbye to some nasty spots which had popped up recently due to stress, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been gently rubbing it into my damp skin, leaving it on for 10 minutes and then washing it off to reveal super smooth, hydrated and fresh skin. Then when I’d wake up in the morning my complexion would be far more even and my spots were dramatically reduced. After using it 3 times during a one week time frame you’d never even know that the week before I had spots dotted here, there and everywhere. I’ve not only used it on my face but also on my chest and back too which were areas that needed a bit of TLC and it works just as well on my body as on my face.

The Bean Burst Coffee Scrub in The Grapefruit Blend has not only rekindled my love for natural products, but has also gained a new fan in me and I couldn’t sing it’s praises anymore if I tried. Thank you Bean Burst for giving me beautiful spot free skin that really glows!

You can read more about the Bean Burst Coffee Scrub in The Grapefruit Blend on their website here, and purchase it in 200g pouches for the price of £15.

* PR sample – I was sent this product for my consideration to test out, however this does not effect my opinion in any way and all views are 100% honest and my own.