A Wedding Wishlist: Creating The Perfect Atmosphere

A Wedding Wishlist: Creating The Perfect AtmosphereLately I’ve been thinking a lot about our wedding and although we have no concrete plans yet we know that it’s not going to be your typical wedding. With our intentions being to elope in Bali and get married on the beach with no friends or family present (read my engagement post here and previous wedding posts here) and then we’ll be having a party with everyone one Saturday evening shortly after we get back. I’ve yet to find a venue for our wedding celebrations but I’ve got quite specific ideas on how I would like it decorated and feel that it’s all the littlest things that create the biggest effect and make it look different from the norm. Personally, I’m quite big on the whole rustic meets industrial look in general and so it’s a complete no-brainer that our little celebration will follow that trend. For our post-wedding party I want to create a great atmosphere and the best way to do that is with good lighting and little decorative pieces. So with that in mind I’ve put together a few items that I intend to have dotted around the place to add that special something to the venue… 

Lights 4 Fun Festoon Lights: I love Festoon Lights, I’d have them absolutely everywhere for our wedding party if I could (in fact I need to get some for my house!), much like the inspirational image above. Whilst I doubt we’ll be going to that extent with them, I love the effect just a single strip or two of them gives and how it gently adds a subtle romantic glow to a room whilst also screaming with vintage/industrial character.

Festive Lights Black Metal Speech Bubble Chalkboard Light Up Sign: This little quirky sign is right up my street. I absolutely adore the look of it with the clear light bulbs around the edge and the fact that it’s a lovely way to personalise your wedding with it’s chalkboard design that means you can write absolutely anything on it. I’d love to use it as a way to invite guests to write in a guestbook or even take a selfie with some disposable cameras.

The Range 6 Blackboard Place Cards: Keeping with the chalkboard theme, these blackboard place cards would be ideal to write your guests names on for the dinner tables, attach them to some jute string and tie it across a large rustic looking photo frame and  viola, a simple but effective table seating plan. They can also be reused for future parties and celebrations too!

Wedding Mall Time To Drink Candle Holder: I’d love candle holders like this on all the tables, along with plenty of other little decorative pieces to add to the overall effect. In my home I have a lot of quotes and I’d love for that to continue through to our wedding too, plus what it says on this candle holder ‘time to drink champagne and dance on the table‘ is how I’d like people to feel they can be. That’s not to say our guests will be dancing on the tables at our wedding celebration but I want the whole vibe to be more informal, for people to feel more relaxed and to just generally have fun.

The Country Candle Company Alphabet Scented Candle: I know, I know, more candles! But weddings are usually full of them aren’t they? I like these ones because the font is so decorative and really stands out. Having a few spell out ‘Mr & Mrs‘ on a side table somewhere would be lovely.

The Log Pile Personalised Welcome To Our Wedding Sign: I’ve been eyeing up little personalised signs like this for a while now and I can’t imagine not having one at our wedding. The rustic design and lovely font, as well as the fact that’ll be personalised and therefore a wonderful keepsake has me sold. I’m quite sentimental anyway, but to be able to have something like this would be wonderful.

Just looking at all of these items has made me so excited, I can’t wait until we can set something in stone and I can begin to properly plan the ins and outs of our wedding. All of these items on my wishlist will definitely be making an appearance that’s for sure! What do you think of the items I’ve picked?

Post written in collaboration.