A Bloggers Brunch At Oliver’s, Derby

A few weeks ago I met up with a group of blogger girls and we headed over to Oliver’s in Derby’s Friar Gate for a spot of brunch. I’d never been to Oliver’s before but as soon as I walked in it felt like home, kitted out in quirky pieces, industrial lighting and rustic wood detailing. It was all very ‘me’ and I couldn’t wait dig in and discover what they had planned for us…


I was delighted to see an itinerary securely placed into clipboards on our table when we arrived, telling us the plan of action and what to expect from our time at Oliver’s. Surprisingly, it seemed like there would be such a lovely selection of food, all of which they plan to add to their menu soon and so it was a great opportunity to have a bit of a ‘sneak peak behind the scenes‘ as it were.

Oliver’s is a place that seems to love something a little bit further from the norm, you can clearly see that there’s a lot of love and attention present here and the cafe is one that wants to showcase not only it’s own food and drink, but also work with various companies to offer it’s customers a unique experience.

Well Rested.

Take The Rested Cocktail Company for example, a local specialty cocktail company offering pre-mixed cocktails in a bottle (…I know, what a great idea!). Ideal for parties meaning that you can spend more time socialising and less time embarrassing yourself attempting to show off your best cocktail making skills. Just sneak off to the kitchen and pour your guests a glass or two of these instead, either with ice or with a mixer and a slice or two of fruit. Rested for a minimum of 30 days to create a smoother taste, there’s a certain classy feel about them. Perhaps that has something to do with the simple but effective branding, or maybe it’s all to do with the drinks themselves. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed my gin, soda and orange.

With Oliver’s soon to be stocking The Rested Cocktail Co’s offerings, I’m sure they’ll be a wonderful addition to the cafe and a lovely beverage to try whilst on your next lunch date with the girls.

The food bit.


Excuse me whilst I take a moment to drool over this food… once again! Why? Because it was so good and despite my Coeliac Disease and therefore gluten free dietary requirement Oliver’s were so accommodating and I didn’t feel left out in the slightest. Sadly, this isn’t always the case in other places – especially cafes, so it’s lovely to see that Oliver’s are on board and happy to help.

Recently I’ve become rather the peanut butter fan, so when I saw that there was a PBJ Milkshake on the cards I was intrigued. Ever so slightly too thick for my liking but tasteful, the peanut butter really shone through and with hints of banana too I could quite easily have gulped down another one.

When the next dish arrived I had my doubts whether I’d be a fan, it was a savoury option of smoked salmon (which I could eat endless amounts of), roast potatoes, fried egg, horseradish, soured cream and chives. An interesting combination I thought, but boy did it work! I’d never have thought to put fried egg or roast potatoes with the salmon, horseradish, soured cream and chives but it really surprised me and each element complimented the next perfectly. A lovely fresh but comforting dish.

By now I was loving the whole savoury then sweet thing that was going on, and this sweet dish left a smile on my face. Coconut pancakes with rum-roasted pineapple. Could they make it sound any more delicious? I’ve been trying to perfect my gluten free pancake making skills a.k.a. try out all of the gluten free pancake recipes I can find so that I can forever make my favourite of the bunch, so I’d like to think I’ve tried a fair few. With gluten free pancakes freely advertised on their menu as an option, the girls had their standard varieties and I dived right into my gluten free version. It’s safe to say that these are way up there with the best I’ve tried and so tasty with the coconut and rum-roasted pineapple too.

The next dish is perhaps my least favourite of the bunch if I had to pick one, but that’s not to say it wasn’t tasty, because it was. Maybe it’s because I had mine with bacon instead of black pudding, or maybe it’s because I loved the others so much and this was the least interesting in my opinion. Either way, the combination of bacon (or black pudding for you guys when it’s put on Oliver’s menu), roast potatoes and apple sauce was good with the potatoes crispy and the apple sauce sweet and flavoursome, it’d be nice as a side or as one of many smaller dishes to dip and dive into.

If I told you this was our final ‘pudding‘ I’d be lying, but it certainly did taste the most decadent. Coming as standard with brioche french toast (which I couldn’t have) the maple roasted apple and mascarpone was delicious! It’s funny because despite not having the french toast I really didn’t feel like I missed out as the topping was full of flavour and felt so indulgent. I could honestly eat it over and over again and not get sick of it. Yum!


When our time at Oliver’s was coming to an end and we’d chatted away happily for the last couple of hours whilst tasting all that was on offer, I honestly didn’t expect to be brought out my own macaroons on a platter with our teas and coffees whilst everyone tried to squeeze mini cakes into their already bursting tummies. I never like to assume somewhere can always cater for my gluten free needs so for this lovely little cafe to be so completely and utterly accommodating was incredibly appreciated.

I smiled as I sipped on my tropical flavoured tea and ate up all of my macaroons, which always were a favourite of mine.

Thank you for making ours, and especially my time at Oliver’s so special.

You can find Oliver’s at: 7 – 7a Friar Gate, Derby, DE1 1BU. Website here.

* Post written in collaboration with Oliver’s. All opinions are 100% my own.